Olivia Weinstein and Stefan Swoboda met while performing at Palazzo Vienna in 2017. Right from the beginning there was a connection. Olivia and Stefan shared the same artistic opinions that creating together became natural. With Olivia’s unique clowning and acrobatics skills and Stefan’s innovative original music they are Clown and a Drummer. 


Raised in San Francisco, California, Olivia Weinstein tripped and fell into clowning while tumbling in a class at AcroSports when she was only four years old. Olivia spent the next 14 years doing gymnastics, dance, and circus in the San Francisco Bay Area. Graduated from the National Circus School of Montreal in 2013, as a clown and acrobat. Olivia has since travelled the world performing, making audiences laugh, and smile with companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, Circus Monti , Cirque Eloize, Midnight Circus, Cirque Bouffon and Palazzo dinner shows.


Stefan Swoboda found his passion for rhythm at the age of four during his first flute class, where he decided to break apart the flute and make them two drum sticks. He followed his passion and continued to study and play in bands which led him to the Conservatory of Vienna. He graduated in 2014 and went to further his study at the Popakademie in Mannheim, Germany. Stefan has since toured and recorded for artists including Conchita Wurst, Paenda, and many more. Stefan discovered circus playing with Palazzo dinner shows in 2016 that soon led him to producing songs for various circus artists and meeting Olivia Weinstein.

Photo: Dominik Kucera
Photo Cred: Michael Isler
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Photo: Dominik Kucera
Photo: Dominik Kucera
Photo Cred: Felix-Groteloh


Olivia Weinstein and Stefan Swoboda 

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